Inner Creative - Happy Hearts Care Range


Intuitive art and self-care cards for when you need a little boost, some self-care inspiration or want to reach out to those you care about.

Natalia Walker of Inner Creative uses an intuitive drawing process to create colourful mandalas- an ancient and sacred art form that involves creating patterns and shapes within a circle. Each mandala comes with a special message intended to inspire and promote wellbeing.

Natalia started drawing bright hearts as part of her own journey towards wellbeing and self-care in 2020. Once she started sharing her drawings, Natalia discovered that they uplifted the hearts and minds of others too. She paired them with self-care messages to create a card deck, and the Happy Hearts Care series was born– designed to nurture, uplift and inspire. Available as postcards, a self-care card deck and gift hampers.

May Inner Creative’s intuitive art and Happy Hearts Care range remind you that you are a truly beautiful soul, worthy of love, kindness and care.

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Natalia Walker