Inner Creative


Want to feel more excited, empowered and confident about where you’re headed in life or business?

Inner Creative empowers you to unlock your creative inspiration, so you can create a life or business that’s more meaningful and reflects your personal style, passions, and values.

Inner Creative works with those in business wanting to use a creative, visual, and ‘hands on’ approach to:

  • problem solving
  • goal setting and planning
  • managing their daily workload and ‘to do’ list.

Inner Creative workshops and products also support individuals wanting to reconnect with their creativity and intuition; as well as frustrated creatives who have fantastic ideas but get stuck and lose momentum.

Inner Creative Founder, Natalia Walker, draws on close to 20 years of strategic planning expertise, her mandala art practice, and a range of creative thinking tools, such as drawing, collage, metaphor and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, to bring out your most expansive thinking and potential.

Are you ready to get more inspired in your life or business?

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Natalia Walker