Infinity Personal Financial Solutions


I help busy time poor women find ‘lost money’ and create a spending plan so that they never run out of money or get into debt again.

I do this through my Mastering Your Money program.

It’s a 3-step system that I’ve designed to empower and equip women to actually experience that exciting life adventure they’ve always dreamed of – whether it’s taking a year off to challenge their mind through an MBA at Harvard, to feel free and alive dancing through South America, or to pursue their passion and transition from employee to self-employed – without building a mountain of debt.

The only system in the world that shows you where ALL your money is going, what your financial situation will look like in two years’ time, the amount of money you can spend guilt-free every day to achieve the life you want and shows you how to stay on top of your money in less than 5 minutes a day.

I work only with committed women who are willing, to be honest with themselves; open to changing their habits, and take full responsibility for their outcome.

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David Hashai