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Following completion of her Degree in Graphic Design Lori has had over 10 years experience as a freelance illustrator, working on magazine and newspaper editorial work, fashion illustration, book illustration, and book covers. She’s also worked in advertising, specialising in poster and brochure illustration design.

She’s been a fine artist for the last 20 years, exhibiting drawings and paintings in various galleries throughout Melbourne and further afield, both as part of group and solo shows. She also writes poetry and incorporates this with the vibrational energy of the colours in some of her soul paintings.

Her channelled, spiritual art became integrated into her artwork after years spent dedicated to becoming her perfected self, working with love and forgiveness. This has allowed her to create her visions from a space of divinity and joy.

She creates beautiful, detailed, spiritual pieces with healing energy and colour, which are channelled through the highest frequency. They are full of light, angelic, powerful, and very sensitive.

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Lori Banks
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