The iDareU name may be new, but the passion and drive to create it goes back a long way. iDareU is the brainchild of international author, public speaker, carer and dedicated mum of a child with Down syndrome, Sue Dymond. She has been passionate about creating an online and offline resource system that empowers and educates those with a disability, and the people that love them.

With the advent of NDIS, the timing was perfect, and so with the help of some strongly dedicated supporters, she formed a committee, undertook the due diligence and formed the not for profit organisation – iDareU. Today that vision and passion remains, with the creation of the online directory ‘Village’ and empowering workshops and events being planned and rolled out to bring about a life changing difference to people with a disability.

“I am committed to making a difference and enhancing lives”

We are a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing people with a disability, and their families, the best possible resources, supports, and information to enhance their lives and and help them live better ones. Our aim is to be the best place that you can go to and find what you need, with recommendations from other users just like you. The difference between us and other sites is, we know disability, and what you are looking for. We are not for profit, but we are about providing you the best there is to enjoy a great quality of life. Welcome to our website.

iDareU’s Mission is assist people with a disability to lead a fulfilled and inclusive life through guidance, support, education, and training.

iDareU’s Vision: to inspire and empower people to live their best life.
iDareU’s Objectives: to deliver workshops, festivals and events.
iDareU’s Goal: Create effective connections between Service Providers, Businesses and Families with Disabilities

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Sue Dymond