Helen Zee


On fulfilling relationships…

Relationships are a breeding ground for growth and much satisfaction. But they can also stagnate and lean into our wounds, causing bouts of hardship at times.

In 1:1 sessions, groups and retreats, people learn ancient eastern based practices and western clinical modalities to help eliminate poor communication, recurrent arguments, and lackluster sexual connection.

Many clients reach out who are ready to elevate their intimacy to the next level. To experience the deeper enriching soulful connection relationships can offer when fostered.

Clients include diverse backgrounds, ages, individuals and couples. People who have experienced past hurts, trauma or difficult childhood upbringings are drawn to Helens work.

On fulfilling fertility…

Delayed fertility efforts can cause a great amount of strain relationships. Not to mention the cost of Assisted Therapies.

Helen’s sessions are all encompassing. Touching on lifestyle, relationship dynamics and reproductive health. Her past work with Monash IVF, her science qualifications and holistic modalities offers a full spectrum of support. Sessions and “fun home play” fosters the joy and harmony required for healthy relationships to foster healthy families.

Helen is also the author of “Consciously Conceive Your Baby ~ The inner secrets to boost your fertility and get pregnant”

On Health and Wellness…

Helen brings evidence-based skills and positive behaviours typically acquired during session and workshops, into the boardroom with an interactive delivery that creates thought provoking changes to the audience.

A Certified Fitness Coach, Nutritional Advisor, Yoga Teacher and Fertility Relationship Coach, she works with individuals, groups and companies, senior executives, sales teams, individual business owners, employees and contractors to achieve health awareness and wellbeing, in varied sectors.

Every participant walks away with a clear understanding of how they can be more focused, better organised, and with the knowledge and a plan of how to get there.

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