Healthy Oils Global


We live in a world full of food additives, chemical cleaners and unhealthy lifestyle choices which greatly impact ourselves and those we love.

Hello, I am Paula, and over 11 years ago, with my husband John, we created Healthy Oils Global. We are having an amazing time helping people all over the globe take back the control of their own and their family’s health, using a range of Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils and associated products.

Allow us to share nature’s gifts of plant medicine with you, become empowered to use them in your own homes with your loved ones, and along the way we can also show you how to generate extra income to help in these ‘interesting’ financial times.

It is as easy as setting up an account to purchase for yourself, so feel free to call and have a chat with us about starting on your own wellness journey.

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Paula Eckert-Overbeek