Greg Roworth - The Freedom Challenge


Most owners of management consultancy businesses around the western world end up running a business that actually runs them. They end up working more hours than they ever wanted for less money than they expected when they started the business. The ones who are successful enough to grow their businesses beyond survival and have a small team working with them will eventually hit unforeseen barriers that stop their growth and create stress and almost insurmountable challenges for their owners.

Yet, there are a few highly successful entrepreneurial consultants that break the mould and grow beyond struggle and survival to have businesses that are ultimately scalable and saleable.

In The Freedom Challenge, Greg Roworth, who himself has started, grown and sold three successful consultancy firms over the past twenty-five years, reveals the five critical mistakes that almost all owners of management consultancy firms make that keep them trapped in their businesses, and who, while often making good money, are frustrated by their inability to take their business to the next level and are stressed by the time they need to invest in the business to make it work.

The book also highlights the different way top consultants think about the critical aspects of their business and shows you the all important steps these business leaders take to create a business that really works and how to create a management consulting practice that works without you.

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