Glimmer for PETS


It all started with Sunny being chosen to star in a short film called Dog Days which was produced by a group of Deakin University Students, who were keen to get a message out to the community of what happens in Domestic Violence Situations. The film was originally conceptualised by Rachael Williams, Directed by Ethan Grahek and Produced by Tenayah McLeod.

The film Dog Days follows a young woman named Julie and her dog Bruce who flee from an abusive relationship with her partner Rick. Julie attempts to seek asylum at woman’s shelter, but is denied entry due to a policy that dis-allows pets. Julie is forced to make a difficult decision, does she leave her beloved pet and only companion for safety and shelter, or live a potentially dangerous life on the streets?

The film is POWERFUL. Being on set, especially for the last scenes, was impactful on me, This was a reality. PETS used as weapons to hurt another soul. PETS who give nothing but unconditional LOVE to humans. – Jodie Myintoo Counsellor

Imagine if there was an answer to Julie’s situation at the shelter. That she could be welcomed in, and then suitable temporary accommodation could be found for Bruce. Where Julie could receive updates, pictures, even go visit him, whilst she gets the necessary support to start over again and begin to heal. In fact, with Glimmer For Pets, there is now HOPE for Julie, as she knows she can be safe and so can the one thing she loves in her life, BRUCE.

This is where this dream of creating a cause to do this becomes a reality.

This was a vision, it had to start somewhere.

It needed a community to come together to make it a reality.

This is where YOU can play an important part in bringing this to FRUITION.

This is a charity that supports people that are in

Domestic Violence situation


Being Removed from their home due to separation/divorce

This charity born from the love of PETS and the important understanding that PETS are part of the family too.

We understand if you may have two cats or two dogs, please know that you are supported too.

Sadly, animals can be used in a Domestic Violent situation, used to make threats, control, hurt, and entice fear into a victim.

In VICTORIA, we have no crisis accommodation that supports someone who is fleeing a Domestic Violence situation. The reality of the situation is, many will stay in the volatile situation in fear of what will happen to the pet, and the thought of having to surrender this pet to a pound.

This charity supports both MEN and WOMEN who are fleeing a domestic violence situation, and need a safe place for their pet, or who have been removed from their home and have nowhere for their pet to go.

This is a charity to support temporary accommodation for the pets.

This charity is focused on the PET and giving HOPE to the PET to continue to be part of their owners family.

The AIM:

1.Provide temporary shelter/food

2.Visual Diary of pet in care

3. Support with vet checks/De-sexing

4. New Beginnings Pack

5. Training

PETS! Play a vital role in humans life, they give unconditional love, hope, joy even in the darkest times of life.

Contact Person
Jodie Myintoo