Get Off The Bench


Get Off The Bench consists of a book, podcast, workshops and mentoring.

So many people have great ideas running around their heads, but often never breathe life into them. Get Off The Bench helps move the idea from head to paper to action. A big part of the process is shifting people from ‘I can’t to I CAN’.

Team Building workshops: teams or groups develop and deliver a project together as a team building exercise for either the organisation or the community,

IMPACT NOW Leadership Program: 3 or 6 month program where team or group members each develop and deliver individual community (or organisational) projects.

Public workshops: support individuals to unpack their unique and valuable idea, gain clarity, break it down to achievable chunks, and identify the first step.

The book: ‘Get Off The Bench!’ is available as a resource presenting different aspects to consider when bringing an idea or project to life.

The podcast: ‘Get Off The Bench!’ showcases people who have taken the leap of faith and backed themselves, and are now doing what they love.

Mentoring: provides an opportunity for deep diving, brainstorming and further support.

Everybody has a gift to share with the world and that gift SHOULD be shared!

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Kerryn Vaughan