Flute on Canvas


Human centric approach is our core value!

We take clients on a journey with us where they can achieve the results for their businesses creating an emotional experience increasing customer engagement, retention and traction.

At Flute on Canvas we analyse your business at every touchpoint in the customer journey, innovating strategies in business management through coaching and team development; creatively resolves problems with a customer centric approach for growth and revenue generation.

Rabia Shahid is the founder of Flute on Canvas; a change catalyst of cultural transformation in organisational growth. In addition to completing MBA at Macquarie Graduate School of Management, she did her post-graduate studies in Urban and Regional Planning at The University of Sydney. Ms. Shahid started her career as an architect and progressed into change management with a focus in strategic leadership roles in Australia and across Asia Pacific. She has led and developed teams within global technical projects and business operations at an ASX listed healthcare organisation ranked amongst the top 50 companies.

Rabia is passionate about developing innovation and growth strategies that deliver results. With a background in creative arts and strategic leadership, Rabia joins the blocks utilising her innovative skills to streamline processes; she has seen manual processes limiting growth and businesses getting stagnant over extended time.

Come and talk to Rabia, know her more. In her spare time, she volunteers at Only Just a Not for Profit organisation, an actor in theatrical performances, an emerging artist and an entrant in art competitions in Victoria. Moreover, she does live podcasts on various topics from motivational speaking to hosting shows with guests globally from diverse industries.

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Rabia Shahid