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Finesse Business and Style is a culmination of years of experience, knowledge & wisdom. It warms my heart to teach, support & share my wisdom with other like-minded women

Throughout our one-one-one meetings, I tailor my approach depending on my client’s needs.

  • Business mentoring & personal styling that works like a charm & feels like a coffee date
  • I teach creative, sensitive brave women how to grow their businesses. Without the need to push & hustle

Throughout my 30 year career within the fashion industry, I have dressed countless stylish women.

Jane shares her practical, logical & creative advice using her style system, The Art of Wardrobe Management.

About Jane.

As a creative & entrepreneurial thinker, I don’t thrive under red tape & lots of rules!

Having worked within the Fashion Industry for 30 years, you can definitely say that fashion & small business is in my blood. I am lucky enough to have been born with a business brain, combined with an intuitive, sensitive, gentle & creative brain. Dressing up, reflective of my personal style is innate. It also brings me courage & grace.

One of my strengths is to problem solving. To look into a small business & see what areas need help & guidance.

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Jane Vandermeer
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