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Financial Balance Group is a private financial advice business that specialises in retirement planning and Aged Care financial advice. It was established on the principles of Trust, Respect, Competence and Care

Trust. You can trust us to look after your interests and be on your side when it comes to making difficult decisions about your financial future. In turn, we do not take your trust for granted, upholding trust and delivering on what we promise are fundamental for productive relationships with our clients.

Respect. You are unique and have your individual story, background, views and perceptions. We always respect that. As financial advice professionals, we are also required to do what is best for you. This means that we sometimes need to change your views and introduce a change, for the benefit of improving your financial wellbeing. Our professional view on certain matters may be different to yours, but when working with you we always aim to maintain mutual respect.

Competence. We maintain the highest professional standards in the financial advice profession. You can have the comfort of knowing that you are working with experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified professionals. Our experience and knowledge ensure that we prepared the most suitable financial plan tailored to your needs and circumstances. We continuously maintain and update our knowledge, keeping up with changes in the industry, so that we can continue to provide you with relevant, high-quality advice that makes a positive difference.

Care. This is what sets us apart. We care for you, your family, your financial wellbeing. We want to see you excel financially and reach your financial goals. We care and we work hard for your best outcomes.

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Ilya Egorov