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Established in Australia in 2007, FIFO Capital is a leading provider of business finance solutions for corporations or Small to Medium businesses. We operate as a network of skilled and experienced business owners.

As part of the FIFO Group, Trevor Wollard has over 20 years experience as a business owner, and understands the needs, demands and challenges that businesses face. With a special focus on the construction industry, my objective is to be more than just a finance provider but someone who a client can partner with for their long term growth, through a personal and professional service.

Our speciality service is cash flow and working capital finance, with our key products including

Invoice Finance
Do your clients pay you, 30, 60 or 90 days? It is hard to manage your cashflow under these conditions. Need cashflow security to take on larger projects? Using FIFO invoice finance, we can pay you up to 80% of the value of your invoice when you submit it to your customer.  When your customer pays us, we give you the balance of the 20% less our fee. No ongoing costs or account fees and you can use this service as a one off, or ongoing to assist your business growth. Many businesses get costly loans to assist with their cashflow and often don’t realise that they can access their own funds when they need it.

Supply Chain Finance

This works fort of the opposite to Invoice finance. With this service we can pay your suppliers/subbies on your behalf, you pay us back up to 90 days. If your suppliers or subbies are on terms with you and wish to take early payment, a portion of the fee that they pay to be paid early can be paid back to you as a cash rebate!

Trade/Import Finance

These days business savvy owners are realising that they can save a lot by importing components or products from overseas, sometimes cutting out an expensive middleman. A big problem is though that overseas suppliers usually require payment on shipping and minimum volumes. That is where we come in and can pay your overseas supplier on your behalf. The fees that we charge are often quite small in comparison to the cost saving of importing directly.

Case Study – Concrete Company – Invoice Finance

Our concreting client provides residential and commercial concreting services to builders and developers. Dealing with large building companies, their trading terms were on average 60 days. Being responsible for the full service including supply of the concrete meant that it was a lot of money to carry, before getting paid.  When we setup an invoice finance facility it meant that the client could have access to 80% of his invoice value when he needed it. To offset some of the costs involved, he was able to negotiate better prices with his concrete supplier for earlier payment.  It also allowed the client to tender for more larger projects.


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