Felicity Wingfield - ACN Consultant


The ACN story is 2 decades in the making! Today, ACN is the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications and essential services, having serviced millions of satisfied customers on four continents.

ACN launched operations in January 1993 in Southfield, Michigan, as a long-distance agent for a company by the name of LCI International, positioning ACN to take the lead as their consumer sales and marketing arm. LCI was later purchased by Qwest Communications for $4.4 billion, and

ACN represented an astonishing one-third of LCI’s business. ACN’s international expansion started in June 1997, when operations were extended into Canada. Today, ACN markets and provides service in 24 countries, with more countries planned for future expansion. In July 2000,

ACN decided to become a telecommunications company and introduced its very own long-distance service: ACN Long Distance. This service set the standard for outstanding long-distance service in North America and Canada. Three years later, on the dawn of its 10-year anniversary, ACN exploded onto the local calling scene, providing customers with the freedom to choose their local phone service provider.

Globally, ACN now offers a wide range of telecommunications and essential services including Home & Business Phone, Mobile, Broadband Internet, Digital Phone Services and video phones, Energy, Home Security and Satellite TV. Today, ACN has offices located throughout North America, Europe, the Pacific and Asia. The company’s tradition of providing consumers with services they need and use every day continues still and is the reason why ACN leaders believe the company’s greatest growth lies ahead.

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