Feel Virtual Reality


Feel Virtual Reality specialises in telling any business’ story in an immersive manner combining the interactive use of virtual reality with other forms of media including videos, professional photos, animations, computer generated imagery, hyperlinks, and much more.  Feel Virtual Reality’s VR platform and expertise is sought after by professionals in many different industries; Commercial and Residential Property Developers, Builders, Real Estate agencies, Education, Accommodation, Retail, Arts and Recreation, and any other types of business who want to showcase their products or services in an engaging fashion. We also specialise in providing expert project management, programming and related services to the building and construction industry.

Feel Virtual Reality’s team consists of experienced construction managers, architects, web developers, graphic designers, construction planners, professional photographers and multimedia content creators.  Feel Virtual Reality has developed a unique workflow and system that allows the smart integration of technology such as virtual reality, BIM 3D, 4D, 7D, business intelligence, smart analytics and specialist construction planning to assist their clients achieve the best results for their projects.  Feel VR helps them save time, cost, and assist in the minute planning and delivery of complex projects.  Utilising their interactive virtual reality platforms, secure asset management databases, as well as the integration of IOT sensors, they also implement smart business intelligence to increase asset life, reduce maintenance costs, and help businesses save a lot of money.



Existing & Off The Plan

Feel Virtual Reality integrates computer generated imagery, BIM 3D & 4D, 360 VR photos and videos, VR E-learning interfaces and other forms of multimedia to create a fully interactive end solution that is accessible in a virtual reality format to your audience.



Feel Digital Asset Strategy integrates interactive virtual reality platforms with secure asset management databases, IOT technology and SMART Business Intelligence solutions to enable proactive and predictive maintenance in a virtual reality setting


RTOs, Universities, Colleges, Open Universities

Creation Of RTO Approved Courses In Holistic VR Environment. Our Work Covers A Diverse Range Of Areas, From Development Of Training Strategy And Program To Delivery Of Tailored Training Via Interactive Platforms; From Engagement In Design And Review Of Infrastructure Projects To The Involvement In Project Delivery And Governance.


Interior Design & Pro Photography

Feel Interiors and Photography designs people’s dreams and helps them capture the moments that matter the most.  Our pro photographers and our team of experienced interior designers provide an end to end solution; from concept design through to execution for the interior or landscape design of your residential or commercial property, to the photoshoot of your relevant subject, product, and as well as professional headshots.


Project Management & Statusing

Feel Virtual Reality specialises in providing professional planning services to the building and construction industry. We will be part of your team of construction professionals in providing project planning consultancy in your immediate tasks in the most efficient and professional manner at any construction phase of your project; be it at tender, during construction or at the operational phase

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Dana Dalmond