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At Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) we take on the heavy lifting for our clients, saving you time and buying you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on ethical dealings and maintain total transparency throughout the consulting and implementation process.

I work with businesses across multiple industries that have experienced significant cost increases over the last 24 months. You’re probably thinking that your costs are under control, that you have already reduced costs, or that your suppliers are looking after you. But my approach is different.

If you’re frustrated about increasing indirect costs that are impossible to absorb without impacting profits, your competitiveness or having to compromise by reducing the quality of your products or service. I can resolve this by applying our proven four-step process, direct access to a network of over 700 global and local specialists in 40+ expense categories.

As found in 96% of my cost reviews, it’s because you’re paying above industry standards. Your suppliers will not confess to overcharging you, but I bring a great deal of benchmarking data that will help you reduce costs long term, establish new cost baselines, and give you more certainty around cash flow, typically within 12 weeks, and with less than 1% interruption to your business.

My expertise has helped clients to slash their indirect costs by up to 30% and increase their satisfaction in knowing forecasted cash flow will be delivered to propel them from recovery to acceleration.

An investment in a 30-minute no-obligation meeting to learn about your goals and challenges and share our insights and value you’ll benefit from could return tens of thousands of dollars in savings.

A tidbit:

It is widely accepted amongst business owners and financial officers that a 1% cut in costs has the same impact as a 10-15% increase in sales.

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