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With anything involving the written word, an excellent editor is your ally. Frank feedback, consistent corrections and a meticulous eye for detail combine to make your work shine. Small typos and inadvertent errors detract from your otherwise amazing report or compelling story. Exact Editing takes your rough diamond and polishes it to perfection, enabling your work to shine.

Previously a teacher of English, Literature, and Speech and Drama, Karen Crombie has a talent for both the written and spoken word. If she’s not busy editing a client’s work, she’s reading, voraciously, eagerly, constantly. She can spot a spelling mistake across a crowded room and enjoys clever conversations, brilliant stories and groan-worthy puns.

While living in London, Karen worked for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in her Anniversaries Office. This included sending out the Queen’s Birthday messages to people celebrating their 100th birthdays and other remarkable milestones. In this extraordinary job, nothing was permitted to be sent out that was anything less than perfect. The Palace work sharpened her eye for detail, and she developed a knack for eliminating those unseen errors. Every letter, whether to a foreign Head of State or a member of the public, had to be flawless.

What does this unique experience mean for you? It means that Exact Editing brings to your work the same dedication to perfection that the Queen of England requires! It means that no mistake is overlooked, and your finished result is immaculately polished. You can send your raw manuscript to Exact Editing with complete confidence.

Documents, website copy and books of all genres are edited, including business books, memoirs and fiction novels. Honest feedback, practical advice and professional confidentiality is assured.

How can an excellent editor help you and your business today?

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