Ethical Outsourcing


Despite what most believe and practice, outsourcing is not primarily about cost!

It is about finding a service that can offer the most benefit to your business. This may be a service or skillset that no-one in your business possesses or it could be the opportunity to free up your time to focus on areas that generate more income for your business.

Pushing down the price over and over again leads to many providers offering lower wages to sustain their profit margin and eventually working conditions become akin to Modern Slavery. Unfortunately for the client, this also ensures that experienced employees who are capable of receiving better pay or conditions will leave.

Most businesses who work to this philosophy do nothing more than obtain a CHEAP liability for their business. They get an employee who is ineffective, who has a very low level of care due to their working conditions and whose work constantly needs to be rechecked and confirmed for correctness.

This is not how Ethical Outsourcing works!

We focus on ensuring that our employees are treated the same way you would expect to be treated if you were employed in Australia. We make sure we pay employees a good wage and provide great working conditions and benefits for working with our clients.

We attract great employees because we want to provide more than a basic income, we want to provide them with an opportunity to feel valued and to contribute more than basic skills.

Providing a great employee is not enough, we also actively mentor the relationship between client and employee to ensure there was no issues that arise through cultural or instruction misunderstanding.

We also invest additional time to the employee to mentor, encourage and guide them to improve their skillset and value as a Virtual Assistant.

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