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Psychosomatic therapy is ultimately the harmony between the ‘psyche’ (the mind) and the ‘soma’ (the body). The conversation between the mind and the body exists within a person from the moment of conception to their present day. The human body is an intricate structure, incorporating the mind, body and soul. The three coexist simultaneously in an inseparable manner. However, due to events in life, or different traumatic incidences, the three aspects, mind-body-soul drift, and become imbalanced. This imbalance of the body can be seen as a physical disease.

The imbalance of the mind is in the form of mental and emotional diseases, and the imbalance of the soul can be seen through lack of direction and loss of life’s purpose. When emotions are not dealt with the correct means, emotions can be stored within the tissues of the body and cause an illness. Psychosomatic therapy enables awareness to be drawn to those areas, releasing the stored emotions within the tissues.

If we imagine psychosomatic therapy treating the human being from the outside in, coaching transforms the human being from the inside out. Coaching is a conversation like no other. In its simplest form, myself as a life coach, continuously help clients overcome fear and self-doubt. I help clients set meaningful and achievable goals. I am an expert in finding gaps between where a client is and where they want to be. Life coaching empowers people to chose to live life on their terms.

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