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I have a career spanning 26 years experience in the IT Industry starting with programming, support, IT Software sales into various industry verticals before moving into IT&T Recruitment in 1993.

During my time in Recruitment I have consulted to many leading organisations in Australia including Top 100 companies as well as many start-ups and medium sized corporates. I have recruited across all areas of Information Technology and have recruited for most job functions you could think of.

My career has included running the Victorian operations of two IT recruitment firms in Melbourne responsible to the Profit and Loss level.

Having worked in IT early in my career, I have always used my IT knowledge and understanding of the industry to differentiate myself from my competitors. Recruitment is seen largely as a sales business and people are incentivised on closing deals. Unfortunately, the deal in this case is “your” career or a client’s “valued” new hire.

I take a more consultative approach. I have always taken the time to understand a client’s culture, its company, the opportunities that it affords it employees for promotion, and what people have to do to succeed in their positions. You will always get as much of a 360 degree view of the candidate or client company as possible to ensure that after your first week, month or year together, your expectations of the role and company are still in line with what was initially discussed and presented in our early briefings.

Today, having the benefit of working for both large and medium IT&T recruitment agencies, I choose to work with like-minded people at Premium IT Recruitment and provide end to end recruitment services to a small group of clients who value what we do.

Regardless of whether you are a client or a candidate, we take the time to understand what your ideal role or candidate looks like and provide you with opportunities or candidates that hit the mark.

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