The DENISE MOKADSI FeelGood Health Coaching business engages directly with the client, face-to-face either in person or online. Ideally suited to the high achieving busy professional female over 40 who values getting the most out of life, with her health and happiness intact.

The FeelGood holistic health coaching programs are backed by science and decades of research to bring a cutting-edge approach to personalised health and wellbeing. Empowering each woman with their own unique feel-good formula, Denise helps her clients find new levels of energy to regain the life they want in a body they love. For the past 20 years she has helped support many individuals improve their lives through increased levels of health, fitness and wellbeing.

There are many options available depending on the client’s needs. Following consultation, and collaboration, an appropriate health plan strategy is devised to meet desired outcomes. Throughout the working relationship, new health behaviours are established, often having far reaching positive impacts in many other areas of life.

As a previous Registered Nurse and Science Graduate, Denise fully appreciates the importance of taking a personalised, multifactorial approach when exploring solutions to the health problems we face, especially as we get older. She believes everyone is at a different place on their health journey and meets them where they are. Helping people reach their potential is about allowing them to come from an empowered place where they feel good.

Her unique approach to health coaching begins with helping others understand who they really are before they can become who they want to be. She believes a new approach to health and wellness is needed and has witnessed over and over again that health improvement is sustainable when you understand why and how to create those changes. Her programs give individuals the tools they need to get off the health roller coaster and focus on feeling good by addressing the cause of the problem rather than managing the symptoms.

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Denise Mokadsi