Debbie Zita


Redefining Business Success – The Heart Centred Way….

Gain intimate access into the hearts and minds of 7 successful business owners through a model of inquiry known as ‘The 6 Selves.’ Be captivated by a deep level of openness, typically withheld in business settings, along with a level of diversity across genders, industries, ages, and business stages.

How do certain individuals…
– Make business look easy?
– Thrive amidst the chaos?
– Maintain integrity and humility?

What is the book about?
1. Navigating the ups and downs of the business journey via a ‘heart centred approach’ that encompasses:
Kindness – Compassion – Strength and Resilience
Be inspired by 7 highly successful and diverse business owners across a variety of industries, genders, and business stages. You will be captivated by a deep level of openness typically withheld in business settings.

2. Learn tools to enable you to access self-leadership so that you can navigate our uncertain times ahead using the unique ‘6 Selves Model of Inquiry’ that will inspire you to thrive under any circumstance.

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