Australian Small Businesses are currently experiencing a 1 in 3 chance of being cyber attacked. This can range to a nuisance factor to a fully blown attack from ransom ware that can shut down your business for days. Sadly 1 in 5 business shut the doors to their business last year because the damage as unrepairable.

In addition, 34% of cyber-attacks occur due to human error as hackers are getting better at impersonating emails and links that look genuine and we do not recognise the danger.

The Data breaching laws introduced by the Federal Government now means that every small business owner is responsible for their own cyber security NOT their IT guy.

What this means is that now you must become cyber aware, have a cyber defence plan in place or risk a heft fine from the Federal Government because you did NOTHING to protect yourself.

Too often many SME business owners believe that having an anti- virus software and cyber insurance is enough of a plan. WRONG! Cyber insurance won’t pay out if you have not got a fully-fledged cyber defence plan in place with layers and layers of security.

We as humans are much to blame because we don’t take our online security seriously. Cynosura provides SME business owners with education and awareness events, an audit to see where the doors and windows are open on your laptops, computers, Ipads.

We check with an audit to review your password management and cloud accounts are secure and if we find anything amiss we design a plan of action complete with the right software and hardware to keep you cyber safe through monitoring so you can get on with building your business  knowing its protected.

A cyber attack will cost the average SME $273,000 to recover. If you would like to find out more about the costs of recovery if you were to be cyber attacked versus protecting yourself, we urge you to call us on 1300 942 000 for no obligation chat.

Remember your business is an investment that you should secure. Your employees and customers expect that you will do all that is necessary to keep their contact details secure. If you don’t and get attacked, then you MUST inform them so they will probably want to abandon you after that.

1 in 3 chances it will be you next. Why are you inviting them in?

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