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Cuffley Nutrition’s aim is to setup the body’s ability to heal itself. Often inflammation is getting in the way of allowing the body to heal.  Inflammation often comes from the gut. Bloating and excess wind, which a lot of people put up with for a lifetime, are signs of inflammation in the gut.

Paula is passionate about helping people move from feeling stuck with their gut problems to having freedom to live life however they want to with no thought of ‘Where is the closest toilet’.

Paula looks at healing the gut making sure that the gut is functioning optimally. Only then can the food changes we make be as effective as they can be.

Tools used to facilitate change are food, nutritional supplements, functional pathology, stool testing and simple lifestyle changes.

Stress is another great impact on inflammation in the body. Reducing stress techniques are also a part of the lifestyle changes. Some of these techniques involve yoga, meditation, breathing and chanting. It is a true wholistic approach to healing.  Not a patch but long-term changes that will become part of your life.

Cuffley Nutrition is located in leafy Donvale. The tranquillity of the environment is part of the consultation. Online consultations are also available for those who are extremely time poor or unable to travel.

Looking forward to helping you make those changes to help you live life to the max into your very old age.

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Paula Holmberg
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