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Coraggio’s founders have all built profitable businesses in Australia — enterprises that have annual turnovers of up to $400 million. But none of the founders believe they did it alone.

The founders each experienced incredible upward trajectory in their businesses thanks to the mentors who found them from time to time.

They founded Coraggio to repay their debt to mentors by giving other business owners access to this unfair advantage. The Coraggio advantage is that same unfair advantage that its founders received — guidance from someone who has already solved the puzzle or whose wisdom will help you solve it faster. At the same time, the founders looked to magnify what was already invaluable.

Coraggio: Your Advisory Board

Coraggio: An Australian legacy of mentorship and masterminds.

  • Business Owners thinking independently. Together.
  • A legacy of mentorship

What could be better than one mentor? Up to a dozen mentors – all from different industries, and all committed to focussing their attentions on each other’s businesses one day a month.

Coraggio is still a business, but it’s a business designed as a legacy. Coraggio exists to give back to other business owners in grateful acknowledgement of the benefits its founders received from their own mentors.  80% of Coraggio’s revenue is reinvested into training and events.

What’s in a name?

We are Australian but coraggio is Italian for courage, a quality as common among successful business owners as their membership of masterminds.

However, success in business comes from taking risks bravely, not blindly. In Coraggio, business owners find the nerve and the support to make bolder decisions through advice given honestly by trusted fellow travellers on the courageous path of business.

Coraggio is always looking to speak to business owners who want to join a community formed for mutual benefit — business owners who can give as well as receive.

If you believe you can contribute, we would welcome you at one of our introductory advisory boards or contact us for a confidential conversation.

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