Lending and helping people has always been Lauren’s passion. Apart from her 20+ years in banking and finance, her experience comes from running a variety of businesses including business sales, parenting, buying and selling, investing and general life experience. Seeing and experiencing the hurdles business owners have in both business management and finance along with the challenges people experience entering the world of finance matters . After years spent in credit and combined life and business experience, policy is a guideline that doesn’t apply to one size fits all and Lauren knows the boundaries and how to think outside the box. Understanding the why, not just extracting the data. The right mindset finding the way and meeting the challenge to get the right result, she not only assists with your lending needs with the backing of Australia’s #1 bank but makes sure your entire banking relationship is set up right to utilise the benefits and savings available.

CBA has enormous benefits available to their customers in both banking and lending for personal and business including benefits for professionals and first home buyers and better income policies than some other banks. Complex structures like bridging, property share, construction, guarantors, trusts and companies along with fast turnarounds with direct connections within the bank to get things done right first time, including business needs. Extensive knowledge on first home buyer benefits including access to some schemes not available anywhere else plus an education mindset focused on making sure people are aware of all options available to them and make an educated decision they don’t regret later on. Plus there is the added bonus of Lauren being available any day any time, in person anywhere. Reliable, accountable and always willing to help with the right perspective. Direct to bank.

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Lauren Margaritis