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During these times, the path to Successful Parenting looks different. Children still have the same biological and evolutionary needs, but the environment  around them (and us!) has unique attributes which has created a different nature in childhood.

For starters, screens now play a huge role in life which means less face to face interaction and the ‘it takes a village’ concept has somewhat disappeared as more and more people live away from family and relatives.

Nonetheless, it is VITAL that children learn basic emotional and social skills. Children learn these skills primarily in their home (and then later on school & friendships) and under the expert research by Dr John Gottman, I help parents learn the practical way to give children an essential tool kit for life.

I help parents via:

1:1 Parent Mentorship

I run workshops (virtual)

It simply isn’t possible to demand obedience, and I present parents all the skills, tools and strategies to help you face your parenting journey with ease. My mentorship and workshops are based on Gottman’s work entitled: “Raising and Emotionally Intelligent Child” where he spent decades studying parents and children in very detailed studies and followed the children as they developed.

I mentor parents through these findings in a practical and entertaining way, so that operating in a more emotionally intelligent comes easily. It starts with shifting beliefs around parenting and recognising the 5 basic tenets of Emotion Coaching.

Coach EQ is all about teaching the parent that although good parenting begins in your heart, channelling the love and care into basic skills is the key to successful parenting.

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Maysaa Fahour