Career365 sets the benchmark for employers of choice through exceptional employee onboarding and outplacement programs.

Give Your Staff The Support They Need

Adapting to a new working environment or leaving your existing one are some of the most difficult times in an employee’s career.

At Career365, we provide tailored transition programs to help entering and departing employees have the most positive experience possible.

Our team draws on over 30 years of experience to help employers facilitate smooth, productive transitions so they can increase employee satisfaction and boost their reputation in the marketplace.

Employee Outplacement Programs
In these uncertain times, many people have found themselves unexpectedly transitioned out of their workplace.

By providing a caring and supportive outplacement service, you are letting your departing employees know they are more than a name on a spreadsheet. And that is important because it shows remaining employees that you are a good employer.

When you make this service available, your company will stand out as a genuinely caring employer of choice.

Trusted by many of Australasia’s leading employers, the different levels of online outplacement services provided by Career365 are designed to be accessible to all employees, whatever their role or where they are located.

Employee Onboarding Programs
Most companies do not offer any structured programs to support their employees in their probationary period. Without support in that critical period, employees aren’t set up for success. They can become disengaged, feeling:

  • Overwhelmed and confused about what they are supposed to be doing and who they can talk to for support.
  • Unsure of any developmental opportunities available to them.
  • Unable to see where they fit into the big picture of the organisation.
  • Frustrated by the lack of reward or recognition for their work.

Employers often assume disengaged employees are just a ‘bad fit’ or have poor performance. Sometimes they blame it on generational issues, a lack of loyalty or a flawed recruitment process.

What’s missing is genuine support during the most critical days of the employee lifecycle. This is what Career365 provides.

As a result of this program, new staff hit the ground running and are able to start making positive contributions sooner.

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