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I help owners of small to medium sized professional service firms become the authority in their markets so they can attract premium clients consistently and predictably and build a business they could sell.

Greg Roworth has been dubbed Australia’s #1 business growth strategist for owners of professional service firms and author of Run Your Business on Autopilot – How to Leverage Your Business for Maximum Profit in Minimum Time and Cracking the Code – How to Break Free From Being Stuck In The Centre of Your Business – To Growing Your Business At The Strategic Level. He specialises in assisting smart but frustrated professional business owners to discover their unique market positioning and to quickly leverage their business by attracting more ideal clients and building the systems to run their businesses on autopilot.

Greg has started, grown and sold five businesses of his own, as well as having worked with hundreds of small business owners helping them break through growth barriers to create businesses that work, instead of the owners having to make them work.
Greg has been supporting and consulting business owners now for more than 25 years having clients in multiple locations through Australia and New Zealand and the UK.

During that time, Greg was also recruited by one of the Big 4 accountancy firms and helped them develop their growth strategies.
Greg has worked as a CPA and Chartered Accountant and has also been a consultant and mentor to the accountancy profession and other professional service firms for over 15 years.

His academic qualifications include a B Business and an MBA, but Greg says his greatest learnings about business come from getting down and dirty from working in the trenches in his first business in the irrigation industry, plus the lessons learnt from overcoming the challenges in growing each of his businesses.

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