We know and can appreciate the stress involved when you are owed money and we have seen this often over the years. It can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

Usually these debts have been outstanding for over 60 days. We can also collect old debts which you may have provisioned or written off. As we are performance based (no win, no fee) engaging a third party, skilled and resourced in debt negotiation, can assist you achieve a recovery to benefit your bottom line and help you to sleep easier.

We always invest time in listening to you to understand the origins of your debt. We then appoint a Collections Manager who becomes your point of contact throughout the collection process.

You may wish to monitor your recovery matters through our client portal on our website. Subject to your approval we can manage payment plans and settlements and we will provide sensible commercial options and advice in the event legal intervention is required.

Our usual debt collection process consists of 3 letters that escalate in intensity and the final letter is a complimentary legal letter of demand. These are teamed with phone calls and text messages to resolve the matter. If the debt remains unpaid, we discuss a sensible strategy to escalate the matter. It may mean taking legal action with our associated law firm QR Lawyers or a commercial law firm of your choice.

Throughout the process, we provide you with comprehensive debt recovery services at competitive rates with client payments via EFT bi-weekly to ensure money is back in your account sooner.

Please contact us for a complimentary discussion to put your mind at ease.

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Jeanine Purdie