Providing Help for the Present & Hope for the Future.

Our primary focus is securing sponsorship to assist in the education of children from poor families, however we also endeavour to secure funding to support an orphanage (Kingdom Kids’ Home) which is home to 25 children. All the school aged children living at the orphanage are sponsored through BaliCare. Positive outcomes from sponsorship have resulted in some of the children from Kingdom
Orphanage now pursuing careers in medicine, mechanical engineering, nursing, and ministry.

• Education of their children is often a dream for some very poor families in Bali.
• Through our Sponsorship Programme and the wonderful support received from our sponsors, we are helping to turn dreams into reality for many children in Bali.

Background on the founders:

• We are a retired couple living in Adelaide who have a heart for people in need.  
• Richard served in SA Police for 42 years and Vicky was the Manager of Camp Quality SA for 10 years.
• We visited Bali in 2004 and saw that many families were struggling to find the funds to pay for their children’s education.

Assistance through the years:

• In 2005 we formed BaliCare and initially had 20 children sponsored.  We now have just over 250.

• In 2009 we had a school built at the rubbish dump. (This was the equivalent of Kindergarten in Australia (known as TK in Bali). Children generally must attend this level of education (usually for 2 years) before they are accepted into Primary School.

• 30 children were enrolled when the school opened. That first group of children are now in their final year of High School, having completed 2 years of kindergarten, 6 years of Primary and 6 years of High School.

• Due to a conflict (corruption) with the lady who was overseeing the school we severed ties with her in 2016 and gave the school to a highly reputable charity in Bali (Bali Life Foundation) who now run it as a Community Centre, providing all their support to the families at the dump totally free of charge. They also provide after school lessons for the children to assist them further with their education.

• We rely totally on the kindness of others who share the same desire to help those whose lives are a constant struggle.

• We visit Bali at least twice a year to check on the programme and are kept up to date with all aspects of the programme through our contact people in Bali who we have known and trusted for many years.

Contact Person
Vicky Baird