Annie Kallis Relationships Architect


As a Relationships Architect I help couples get over resentment, hurt and fear using the AKRA methodology that I developed in the last 10 years. This methodology empowers my clients both individually and as a couple and allows for personal freedom, ultimately focusing on building romance and passion into their lives. The goal is to create the delicious relationship that they truly desire by cultivating a meaningful bond based on mutual fulfilment.

I don’t believe in providing advice that is not based on real Life experience. I have undergone my own crisis of a 21 years broken marriage. This created in me the burning desire to help prevent others from going through the same devastating emotional pain, the financial stress of a divorce, and repercussions in the lives of the unspoken casualties – the Children. I believe they too will perpetuate the cycle and repeat it in their own lives.

Working with many couples over the last few years, I took great joy in celebrating their transformations; from achieving better communication, clarity of future together, solid boundaries, deeper connections & freedom through forgiveness to name a few.

No house can be built without strong foundations, from the ground up. The same can be said of relationships. Using my AKRA Methodology I help you build strong foundations for a relationship that can withstand the storms of Life. Simple as that.

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