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Is it time to make a bigger impact as a thought leader in your industry?

Are you wanting to better connect and build trust with your audience?

Are your clients ‘meeting’ the absolute best version of you right now?

Now more than ever you’re relying on your digital presence to do this. The first impression of you isn’t when you actually make contact, it’s when someone pulls up your internet profiles and makes snap judgments from the images they see.

I call this the ‘digital handshake’ and the hard truth is we start to form impressions of others after seeing their portraits for less than one-tenth of a second.

So do you feel like you have control over this first impression? Or is your digital handshake feeling a little more like the awkward limp fish handshake? You know the one – nervous, uncertain or uninvolved!

Are you standing tall and proud as the face of your business? Or are you feeling weighed down by having to ‘make do’ with outdated, mediocre portraits and business imagery that just doesn’t represent you anymore.

Are you showing the relaxed, confident professional you are or are you letting the fear of stepping in front the camera hold you back?

Whether you need a profile portrait for your LinkedIn, socials or website, or a whole suite of images that breathes life into your brand so you can proudly tell your story and share your vision, I’m here to help you confidently become the face of your business with scroll stopping images you’ll love and can’t wait to use to engage with your ideal clients.


Because people buy from people. This means your personal brand carries a lot of weight in the business world. And having great photos is key to attracting attention and amplifying your presence.

So if you’re ready to rise up and let your image consume people’s memories, work with me and discover how I can:
– help you magnify your brand presence for business success;
– create beautiful, quality imagery that helps you communicate your brand story; and
– make you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera so you can show your true essence and personality.

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