Aleksandra is a Buyer’s Agent with over 20 years in sales and a unique set of skills, including a background as a former pharmacist. She has earned multiple national sales and leadership awards and worked across various industries and geographies, including one of the top property investment advisory companies in the country. Now, she is running a boutique buyers agency in the south-eastern part of Melbourne and assisting clients in expanding their property portfolios across Australia or finding their perfect next home around Melbourne.

Her ability to listen and craft strategic plans that are supported by data and tailored to each client’s needs has been instrumental in achieving her clients’ property investment goals. She stays at the forefront of industry trends through continuous learning and collaboration with industry leaders.

She is not only a seasoned property professional but also a passionate property investor with a successful multimillion-dollar property portfolio. She is passionate about helping clients to acquire properties that lay a ‘rock-solid’ foundation and enable their financial freedom.

“Anyone can help you buy a property, but not everyone has the ability and passion to assist you in acquiring a property that sets you up for life.”

Message her and schedule a VIRTUAL, NON-OBLIGATORY CONSULTATION to discuss your goals, and together, you will embark on a successful and rewarding real estate journey

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Aleksandra Gizzatullina