Louise Syphers is the Director of Abundance & Beyond and has been supporting families with their lending since 2000.
With over 20 years’ experience as a mortgage advisor, she adopts a uniquely personal service that encompasses:

• Refinancing / reviewing current lending • Debt consolidation and taking advantage of interest savings

• Securing home, business, and trust loans

• Achieving long-term financial independence For many, buying a home can be a daunting prospect.

Louise applies thoughtful consideration to your financial future, providing a guiding hand to help you take control of your finances, alongside counselling to enhance your financial position.

She is well known in this industry, is a strong leader and recognized for her passion for clients to expand in their finance.

Louise and her team listen and tackle the challenges that many won’t. From a mentor’s mindset we speak to our clients in plain language, inviting all requests. There is no question to stupid, no hole to deep and no problem too scary. All of this in order to clients to flourish and thrive not only financially, but personally. And, we’re authentic! We’ll be straight up with clients and say what we can’t do too!
If you would like to speak Louise, here are her contact details.

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Louise Christine Syphers