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20-20 Property Advisory is a research-based property advisory business. With two decades experience across financial services and real estate, 20-20 Property Advisory is very well placed to assist clients to achieve key objectives using property as an investment tool. A key point of differentiation is a focus on EXIT point prior to acquiring pro...
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Jeanine Sciacca
PPC Urban Consulting Pty Ltd has a team of experienced town planners and property analysts. Drawing on extensive careers in private and public sectors, PPC Urban banner has flourished with professional and dedicated teams specialising in the core markets of Development Approval, Master / Strategic Planning, Subdivision, Development Contribution...
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Hong & Troy Knowling
Property Platform is a boutique Buyers Agency who tailor solutions to assist people to build wealth through astute residential property investments and smart home purchases. With over 20 years’ experience and $350m of successful property transactions in the Melbourne/ Victorian property markets and will turn your frustration into a fantastic exp...
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Shannon Koetsveld
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