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We live in a world full of food additives, chemical cleaners and unhealthy lifestyle choices which greatly impact ourselves and those we love. Hello, I am Paula, and over 11 years ago, with my husband John, we created Healthy Oils Global. We are having an amazing time helping people all over the globe take back the control of their own and thei...
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Paula Eckert-Overbeek
Remedial massage therapy is a whole body treatment that involves the use of differing massage techniques. Your qualified Muscle Harmony massage therapist will specifically design a treatment to target your area of need.
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Jane Mifsud
The entire SEACRET beauty product range is enriched with water, salt or mud-based Dead Sea minerals for which there is no natural or synthetic substitute in the cosmetic pharmaceutical world. The mineral composition used in these cosmetics is so special that it cannot be successfully imitated in any lab. The exceptional composition of Dead Sea c...
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Miriam Hain
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