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I am a specialist business photographer working with small and medium sized businesses to authentically document their social media and website imagery. Yes I do head-shots, but my mission is to rid us all of stock photos, which can be picked a mile away. Connection is everything; and your clients can’t connect with you if they don’t...
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Michelle Porter
When is the last time you looked at a photo your business that you really loved? Do you shudder when you see the stock imagery you plastered on your site just to get your website up and running? The truth is that photography and imagery is so often an afterthought for businesses and their people. However, photography is such a powerful tool for ...
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Simon James
A commercial photography studio. We do portrait / product / interior design photography. We work with small businesses. Did you know that photography is the fastest way of communication? You’ve heard the saying “A picture tells a thousand words”. What are your pictures saying about you? Vasileff Studio will help you manage this communication so ...
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Maria Vasileva
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