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Coraggio’s founders have all built profitable businesses in Australia — enterprises that have annual turnovers of up to $400 million. But none of the founders believe they did it alone. The founders each experienced incredible upward trajectory in their businesses thanks to the mentors who found them from time to time. They founded Coraggio to r...
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Rebecca Roberts
Human centric approach is our core value! We take clients on a journey with us where they can achieve the results for their businesses creating an emotional experience increasing customer engagement, retention and traction. At Flute on Canvas we analyse your business at every touchpoint in the customer journey, innovating strategies in business ...
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Rabia Shahid
Helping organisations reimagine the way their people connect One THIRD of your LIFE is spent AT WORK. The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. But how many of those hours are enjoyable and feel like you’re fulfilled and thriving? It’s safe to say your job can make a huge impact on the quality of your life. GO Next Leve...
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Gail Owen
Want to feel more excited, empowered and confident about where you’re headed in life or business? Inner Creative empowers you to unlock your creative inspiration, so you can create a life or business that’s more meaningful and reflects your personal style, passions, and values. Inner Creative works with those in business wanting to use a creativ...
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Natalia Walker
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Profitable sales are the lifeblood of your business and if the idea of selling brings on a cold sweat, then you are not making the most of your opportunities. Metisan helps you overcome barriers to improving your sales performance, from defining your own no-fail sales process to recruiting the right salesperson for your business. A salesperson’s...
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Frances Pratt
Business Coaching for Small Medium Enterprises & Leadership Coaching for Executives and Emerging Talent We Help Facilitate Personal and Professional Growth for Small Business Owners and Emerging Leaders by Sharing Knowledge of Core Business and Leadership Concepts and By Forming Deep Connections in the Process. Business Coaching For small bu...
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Oren Leshetz
Our aim is to make BETTER WORKPLACES where people and businesses flourish and wellbeing and psychological safety are actively supported and practised everyday. BETTER WORKPLACES Our Better Workplace Project methodology utilises best practice frameworks from around the world centred in positive psychology and strengths to fundamentally change the...
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Peter Maguire
OUR WHY. We exist to help PEOPLE in BUSINESS with PEOPLE BUSINESS. OUR HOW. We help PEOPLE in BUSINESS with our 4C model of good leadership and management: Commitment – the fundamentals that deliver purpose and compliance Capability – the tools and systems that enable good people practice Competency – the skills and knowledge that deliver posit...
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Peter Maguire
Malaysian-born Jocelyn Chong is an award-winning, #1 International Best-Selling Author, CEO and Founder of Seed to Sequoia. After a successful twenty-year career at Australia’s leading banks (where she generated over $200 million in revenue), she changed paths to pursue her true passion as a Certified Life and Business Coach. Utilising her MBA a...
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Jocelyn Chong
We are a community for purpose driven Australian small business owners and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and support one another to build better businesses and have a bigger impact on the world together. BEING A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER IS HARD! There is so much to get your head around… Branding, marketing, sales, financial management, techn...
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Brenda Thomson
As a Business Advisor I work as a Consultant & Coach with Business Owners to build their Ideal Business, based on their version of Ideal Income, Freedom & Scale.Working with them across the 3 Areas that money is made or lost People, Margins & Promotion. Using strategies to pull the levers in each Area in order to achieve their Ideal ...
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Amy Leslie
Hi I am Gabby, founder of Your Wellbeing Centre, I work with women who are going through separation and divorce and have found themselves feeling lost and stuck in life. Through my Thriving Through Divorce program my clients reclaim their identity and self-worth. By combining my experience in meditation and mindfulness practices my clients are g...
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Gabrielle McDonald
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