Affari SP – Business Coaching and Mentoring Affari SP was founded with the clear purpose of cultivating and advancing leaders in small businesses. Our mission extends beyond conventional success, emphasising the creation and execution of strategies that drive business growth and champion social responsibility and sustainability. We are dedicated...
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Sara Pantaleo
As a passionate advocate for women in business, I specialise working with women who have been running their business for 2+ years. My mission is to help you build a life that resonates both personally and professionally. Using well-proven strategies that align with your goals and values I can help you prioritise what truly matters in your busin...
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Jo-Anne Grist
At Stephen Soo Coaching, we specialize in empowering established business owners in the finance industry, including mortgage brokers, smsf, and real estate agents, to achieve sustainable growth, enhance leadership, and streamline operations. Our consultancy and coaching services are designed to tackle the unique challenges and opportunities with...
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Hearth Centred Way Logo.png
The Heart Centred Way supports women in business to Play a Bigger and more Beautiful game thus accessing more time, energy, money and wisdom. We do this through our weekly online Monday Meditation & Prioritisation classes, Monthly ‘The Possibility’ Mastermind and Holistic Coaching based on The 6 Selves Model of Self-Inquiry. We have a passi...
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Debbie Zita
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