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In need of a respite out of Melbourne – then CHECK IN!! 65main is perfect for 1-12 guests. Book by the ROOM to sleep 1-5 or the WHOLE HOUSE for a group of 5-12. Request a tailored package for any occasion to suit your budget & desires offering real Daylesford experiences that only a local would know. Great location with cafes, pubs and...
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Christine Lewis
Whether your retirement is few years away or you have already retired, the fact remains that good financial planning, understanding your choices and making informed decisions, might be a difference between a struggle and a comfortable and sound retirement. I can help you create certainty of secure income for life, so your retirement can be enjoy...
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Katherine Isbrandt
Louise Syphers is the Director of Abundance & Beyond and has been supporting families with their lending since 2000. With over 20 years’ experience as a mortgage advisor, she adopts a uniquely personal service that encompasses: • Refinancing / reviewing current lending • Debt consolidation and taking advantage of interest savings • Securing...
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Louise Christine Syphers
Our vast network of manufacturers provide us with great prices because we have great relationships with them, and our 15 years in the game mean we only deal with the best. Our ability to find you the right item is literally limitless because we know all the right people in all the right places, all the way across the globe. The expertise and kno...
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Mia Dakis
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After spending the last 25 years in real estate and the building industry, I decided to follow my dreams and completed my studies in Home Styling. It was during this time I decided to create my business to help people as a property advisor and show them the simple strategies needed to sell for more, buy for less – faster and with less stre...
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Lisa Stafford
Aleksandra is a Buyer’s Agent in Melbourne with over 20 years of sales experience and a pharmacist in her previous life. She has earned multiple national sales and leadership awards and worked across various industries and geographies, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia. In the last two years, she has successful acquired...
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Aleksandra Gizzatullina
Providing Help for the Present & Hope for the Future. Our primary focus is securing sponsorship to assist in the education of children from poor families, however we also endeavour to secure funding to support an orphanage (Kingdom Kids’ Home) which is home to 25 children. All the school aged children living at the orphanage are sponsored ...
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Vicky Baird
With a passion always for the arts, my background was slightly more serious working as a corporate manager for investment companies for many years. As early as I can remember colour and art has always been a passion of mine, growing up as an Italian was always filled with glorious and amazing colorful food. After having my 2 beautiful daughters ...
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Angela Sorpreso
BellaArtista Designs delivers exceptional creative experiences. Unleash the artistic and creative person within you at our resin art classes. No art experience is necessary just come along and have some fun.
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Angela Sorpreso
Christine Lewis previously worked as a Private Banker in London before becoming a speciality business/property lender in Melbourne. For more than 20 years she has operated in the world of real estate, earning her a unique skill-set and a near unrivalled level of expertise and experience. Now as part of the premier sales team at Belle Property St...
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Christine Lewis
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Tennis coaching for all ages and standards. I provide tennis education.  The majority of time during the session is spent on-court with participants actively learning to deliver serve, rally and score. Maybe you just want to have a great hit of the ball and get some exercise…. a tennis partner, that is fine too. Give us a call and let us see wha...
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Ben Oliver
With more than 29 years in the wellness & anti-ageing industry, Vicky has not lost her passion for sharing her wisdom to help women feel vibrant and energised to live a full life. She has featured in wellbeing magazines, been interviewed on HealthRadio in New York and speaks on specialist skin nutrition, lifestyle strategies to avoid burnout...
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Vicky Jamieson
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I design the logos, print materials, packaging, and illustrations that you’re proud to show off. My job is to get to know you and your business, then find a way to visually represent it in a way that turns browsers into buyers. With an eye for design backed by decades of experience in business strategy, I know I’ve hit the mark when I create ...
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Clare Blackstock
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Boutique Soapz is an artisan Bath & Body Care business, handcrafting quality products in our studio in Melbourne. Our range includes handmade soap, bath bombs, face & body lotion, bath salts, lip balms, lotion bars and liquid hand wash. Our products contain quality ingredients such as Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Cocoa butter and all are ...
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Ilona Marasea
Your brand is the face of your business and it should be doing all the heavy lifting. Our clients have done all the things they think they should be doing but aren’t seeing the results they need. We help them build a relevant and engaging brand story. It becomes the compass for their business. Your brand story defines your purpose, values...
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Litsa Barberoglou
We know and can appreciate the stress involved when you are owed money and we have seen this often over the years. It can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Usually these debts have been outstanding for over 60 days. We can also collect old debts which you may have provisioned or written off. As we are performance based (no win, ...
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Jeanine Purdie
At Calculated Accounts we offer the highest quality bookkeeping services, ensuring that businesses can concentrate on their business while we look after their books. Remaining compliant is essential and this is where we find most businesses become overwhelmed. Calculated Accounts take care of dealing with the ATO, State Revenue Office and other ...
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Penny Craig
STYLE & APPROACH My approach is to build that bridge for clients as they transition through their career and assist them to build confidence in their skills and experience so they can tell their story and find a suitable role. I train my clients to self-manage their career documents and job applications and promote a focussed approach to job...
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Teresa Brandau-Stranks
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Carolyn Apostolou is a Corporate Wellness Coach who runs individual and group programs for business leaders and entrepreneurs who are time poor, feeling out of control and overwhelmed with life & all the different balls they are juggling. I guide these men & women to integrate simple nourishing practices, habits or routines to feel more ...
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Carolyn Apostolou
With more than 20 years’ experience, Catie Paterson is an accomplished human resource (HR) advocate that has delivered practical and pragmatic solutions in law, building and construction, information technology (IT), banking and finance, retail, public service and not-for-profit sector. With her level of experience, Catie demonstrates her...
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Catie Paterson
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